Allotment Update

It seems that everytime I go to the allotment I am armed with either the camera or the phone, but because a vegetable sprouting from the ground looks so much better in real life than through a camera that I haven’t been posting.  This post is to keep my mum happy (eventually I will be happy too).  We like having records of how we have done, the progress made and the life of the vegetables and fruit that we grow.  Without further chat, photos!

The allotment at the beginning of March.

The allotment now.


Mum and I deal with the first bit of the allotment (at the far end in the photos).  We are focusing on peas, beans (of many descriptions), spinach, lettuce and potatoes.  Also, fruit (rhubarb, red currant, black currants, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries).  We will do the tomatoes at home in the vegetable box.

Slowly but surely, broad (fava) beans.

Mum and I installed the posts this weekend to support the blackberry bushes.  This year, the aim is to prune them and stop them from becoming a big mound of prickliness again!

Nothing better than shelling peas that you have grown yourself.  Nothing better.  So we are planting lots of peas and practicing the art of succession planting.  We have this row in at the moment (planted on both sides) and another row was planted at the weekend and a third row will be planted in a few weeks.  Last year we froze some of the peas and enjoyed them a couple of weeks ago, and you could tell the difference.  I love these peas.

So, there you go.  Things are starting to emerge from the ground and soon there will be flowers and buds and I will be plotting and planning with the cookery books.

~ Pru


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