Its the beginning of the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and it has come round so quickly since Easter and the Royal Wedding that I feel that could hold off from taking mine and take it sometime in July instead. I found it hard getting back into the swing of things after the double set of bank holidays and as next week will also see me have a three day weekend, I fear that I will be having trouble again very soon.


It’s been another busy week and one where I have had to check a couple of times to see what day it is.  But it has been one of my favourite weeks of the year. 


I had a fantastic dinner with friends on Monday night and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.  It was wonderful.  I felt closer to them than I ever have and they both helped me get through a very tough time four years ago.  Their strength and determination to help me makes me so grateful that we were friends then and continue to be friends now. 


To work off the food (and wine!) consumed on Monday I have been good and have walked and swum this week and I feel so much better for it. 


I also conquered my fear and went to the hygienist for my teeth cleaning on Thursday and the woman was so kind that I felt like hugging her at the end! 


My newest blog love is Lemon Sugar – if you haven’t seen it – you should check it out.  The butterfly cakes are truly amazing (and I bet they taste wonderful too!). 

Now, I don’t usually enjoy bank holiday weekends (I’m bored by Monday and usually contemplating going into work) but this time I have some plans:


To make this wonderful Pistachio pound cake for Martha Mondays (come back on Monday for the results).


The Foodies  Festival is taking place at Hampton Court and for the second year I am going.  I can’t wait to sample new foods and pick up some goodies.  And after mum not being able to attend last year due to her being ill, we are both going together.  I am hoping that the weather picks up so that we can really enjoy the day and go into the gardens at Hampton Court. 


And with all the usual chores at home, in the garden and over the allotment, I can see that my three days will be gone very quickly and I’ll be counting down the days until my next time off.


I wish you a very happy weekend.  What are your plans?




~ Pru

1 thought on “Weekend!

  1. Sounds good to me Pru. We have a long weekend here too. After that there are only 5 days left for school (for the students anyway) and the after June 8th I have the summer off. This weekend my husband rode his motorcycle to the mountains of North Carolina so it’s just the two of us girls to hang out. Our beach Siesta beach was named the No 1 beach in the nation, which we go to so often and I have so many photos from there already. Even the one of my snow(sand)man, is made from the soft white sand of Siesta Beach. Other than that we might just go to the Flea Market and do lunch and just hang out. If I can get onto my blogs from my home computer I will update them soon!

    Enjoy your weekend!

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