My Plan for 2012

I have a Plan.  I’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of months.  But I realised that I needed to get November and December out of the way before I started working on my Plan.  My Plan is so important that it comes with a Capital ‘P’.

2011 was good and better than 2010 but not as great as I had hoped it would be.  I accomplished some of my goals, but not all of them.  But I have a Plan.  And I am determined to make it work and I am determined to blog about my Plan and my goals.

So, the first is to lose weight.  I know, I know.  How many times have you read here that I plan to cut back on lattes, and eat more salad?  But the thing is, the ‘weight thing’ is holding me back from one of my HUGE goals: to date.  So, I want to lose at least two stone and then to start dating.  I don’t have the confidnce to go ‘look at me’ when I know that I really should show off more of my personality.  Friends have suggested that I carry around baked goods in little bags to entice a man, but I like the idea of having more to offer than just being able to bake a sponge.  I’m going to find a nice, current photo of myself and join a dating agency and try to look more presentable (and approachable) in the hope of finding someone when I’m out and about.  It doesn’t matter if I’m not dating someone for ever, just that I start dating more.

My third goal is to celebrate. Not just birthdays and cultural events, but the day to day things that happen.  I keep reading and reminding myself that I should live more in the ‘now’, but I sometimes forget, or think later that I really should have done more with an opportunity.  I’m planning to entertain friends either in the summer or next winter, and to bake and cook and feed and water them and entertain them.  That’s my Plan.

My final part of my Plan is to stop worrying so much.  This is probably the biggest one for me.  Worryingly, I worried less when I had my breast cancer scare in the summer than I did about leaving a heater on (plugged in, but switched off on the actual heater) at work the other night.  One sleepless night occured.  And I worry far too much about work and what people think of me, and whether I am good enough, and if I will be in trouble.  Must stop that.  It’s damaging my health.

So, a Plan to accomplish four things:  lose weight, date, celebrate more and live in the ‘now’ and to stop worrying.

Do you have a Plan for 2012?

~ Pru

14 thoughts on “My Plan for 2012

  1. I decided years ago to celebrate more so I decorate for all holidays and I cook special dinners for things like Chinese new year and cinco de mayo. It just adds a little fun and breaks things up more.
    I’m with you on the weight loss thing. I am also a worrier and am learning to sometimes shut the door on the worry. I actually visualize doing that and it hel

    • I wish you luck with your resolutions, hopefully we can cheer each other on with them. The worrying really has to stop, I don’t know of anyone who worries as much as me. And I can’t wait to start celebrating, I think I’ll have to do a Chinese New Year dinner. Happy New Year Brette. Here’s to a wonderful 2012.

  2. My plan? I don’t want to sound like Oprah or anything.. but truly, I just want to “live my best life.” So much of life is hurried, stressful, and it’s almost a natural state to focus on those things. I want to be more positive – and be the ‘complete’ me.. not just a portion of what is there.

    Happy New Year, Pru. May 2012 be the year of great things, be they big or small, for everyone.

    • Happy New Year to you too Kenn. I hope you and David have a wonderful 2012. I love it when resolutions sound a bit Oprah-ish and your goals sound like ones that we should all be aiming for. Hopefully by December 2012 you will be jumping up and down on a sofa Tom Cruise-style like on the Oprah show!

  3. Hi dearest Pru!

    I have yet to learn alot about you, but from the few short Twitter months I know how lovely, giving and sharing you are, I too am on the loosing weight goal (as probably are 3/4 of the female population) and have bought myself a trainer as my Xmas gift to myself. Living in the now..well Im with u on that too, I think its a common feeling for the ‘overachievers’ like us, we expect so much from ourselves, that’s why this year I am not making resolutions, rather I’m taking up a no stress attitude toward life.
    Dont be too hard on yourself.

    Best ~D~

  4. What a great Plan! Cheers to you accomplishing all these things in 2012! You can and will certainly do it! Happy New Year!
    xo E + J

  5. Happy New year Pru, and I hope all your plans come true. I honestly do! As for me, I have been planning something for a while too, and the outcome is that on January 17, I will be going to the hospital for weight reduction surgery. I will be blogging about it, too. Once again, best of luck in all your endeavors, and I hope that 2012 is a great year for you!

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