Martha Mondays – Chocolate Marble Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Megan chose this chocolatey delight which means that for another weekend I had to eat something naughty – it was such a struggle!

I had never made marble cake before as I always thought that it would be too hard to make, but in fact, the recipe was easy to follow.  However, even though this was a chocolate cake I was surprised at the amount of butter (8oz) and eggs (four of them).   My cake cooked in the hour, and although I left it to cool, a piece remained at the bottom of the pan, so I ate this warm (it was good).


I had trouble with the ganache as my chocolate wouldn’t completely melt.  Instead I used a little more warm cream and then mum took to stirring it over a pan of hot water. 


Dad doesn’t eat chocolate cake, so mum and I tried this.  We found it to be too chocolately (which shouldn’t be surprising as this was a chocolate cake!) but I used dark chocolate (UK chocolate is different to US chocolate in both taste, and description).  I think if I made it again I would use a combination of milk and plain chocolate.  However, I am sure that everyone at work will love this cake on Monday.


10 thoughts on “Martha Mondays – Chocolate Marble Cake with Chocolate Ganache

  1. Looks good Pru! How is the dark chocolate different? I love English chocolate, my friend brings me some often, but I don’t think she’s ever brought me dark choc.

  2. Yours looks so pretty. I missed out on this one but I’m loving reading everyone’s reviews. Your Dad doesn’t eat chocolate cake? What is it with men and sweets? My Dad didn’t either. Too bad for them, eh? ;o)

  3. Hi Lyndsey, Dark chocolate is richer and has more cocoa solids than milk chocolate. I looked it up and it seems that the US don’t recognise ‘dark chocolate’ but sometimes it is called plain chocolate. We don’t have semi-sweet or bitter-sweet chocolate in the UK (or it is not named that way). From now on I will be sticking with milk chocolate. I would be more than happy to send you English chocolate if you let me know what you like.


  4. Your swirls are beautiful! I was kicking myself after I picked this recipe because it was so fattening. But it was a fun recipe. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. Beautiful job and some great pictures too. I love your new site. I’m just getting back into the swing of things so I’m finally getting back to visit your blog again. Keep up the great work!

  6. Actually your batter looked way to thick, when u do that the swirls don’t come out right, and if u don’t like chocolate why on earth would u make a marble cake anyway? If u want less chocolate taste, just take simple yellow cake batter and when u are done pouring ur yellow layer add coco ((trust me its a different taste)) mix it to ur unpoured batter then pour it into random spots, then with a fork make slow swirls with it. The thicker your batter the worse the swirls and texture of the cake will come out. It should be close to the texture of pancake batter. Not to thick not to watery justtt right.

  7. Thanks Ken. I did enjoy the cake and said that I would make it with milk chocolate and plain chocolate instead. I’ll have to make it again with my variation and see if the recipe caused the batter to be too thick or if I made a mistake in the quantities.

    ~ Pru

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