Gardening in April & May

The last two months have been odd.  Hot sometimes and then freezing at others and then I spent the majority of two weeks holding an umbrella.  I have gone from summer tops to my winter coat complete with scarf and gloves in the space of a week.  Its awful.  And my dear garden has suffering.  We started the month with a hose pipe ban which I am sure will last all summer long.  I actually don’t mind watering with the watering can but when the garden needs a good drenching it is a hard old slog.

But things are taking shape in the garden.  Mum and I finally put down paving slabs under the seats.



The rhodendrum didn’t fare too well with the rain.

I always find it amazing how quickly the garden springs to life.

The only alium to survive the cold/hot/soaking weather (I remain heartbroken)

And the buds on the honeysuckle, roses and peonies fill me with hope for a great end of spring and beginning of summer.

How is your garden doing?

~ Pru


5 thoughts on “Gardening in April & May

  1. You could have been describing our exact weather here in New Hampshire even to not knowing if you need summer or winter clothing. We have had two days of sun in the last two weeks. I hope your weather gets better. Your garden reminds me of mine…good luck with the growing season.

  2. Your garden is so similar to my old house in Epsom, I don’t like living in an apartment and cant wait (hopefully in the next 6 months) to be back in a house with space to grow!

  3. Your garden always looks so lush and wonderful to me. Work is happening on ours this weekend and we are going to buy plants tonight. My peonies were dying, so we moved them and only one survived, so I’m going to get some more. I am buying herbs too. I’m not sure what else.

  4. So pretty Pru, love it. May is a beautiful month in London enjoying all the gorgeous flowers and beautiful parks. Can’t wait to go for the summer to our summer home in Mount Lebanon gorgeous garden there. Have a wonderful weekend.

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