I found this in my drafts from September of last year.  It is very old now.  But when I was having a sort out this morning I found it and felt it needed to be published.

Since then, I have had such lovely comments and I still remain very thankful.


If you ever happen to meet me you will learn very quickly that I am no good at taking a compliment.  Its something that I have known for quite a while but this past weekend I had two reasons to wonder if I am too harsh on myself.  And the answer was obviously, yes. 

My horoscope had read:

“You can expect your life to change in a fairly dramatic way today, Pru. The change may be subtle, at first, but with time and distance you are likely to look back on this day as a pivotal one. You are likely to receive an intriguing piece of news that sets your head spinning with ideas.  Keep your eyes and ears open to all possibilities.”

Well I think it is changing.  I had a really lovely comment on the blog from someone who had never left a comment before, and who I never knew existed which really touched me, and then Kenn tweated that I (amongst others) inspired him.  I was bowled over – I still am!  I have analysed both of these comments over the weekend and I think I am a bit too overcritical of myself.  So, I’m going to aim to give myself a bit more slack and realise that maybe me and the things I do aren’t always not good enough. 


And I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who leaves comments on here, and who clicks on to see what I have been up to.  I enjoy blogging so much and checking in one everyone.  You are my inspiration in so many ways, and if I am ever yours, then I am completely thrilled.




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