Chicken Pot Pie

Did you make this chicken pot pie at the weekend?  If you didn’t then maybe you should have.  It was my pick for Martha Mondays and this was a winner in our house!

We had never had chicken pot pie in our house, and mum had asked me what it was last week so it seemed the perfect pick.  We found it to be tasty and easy to prepare.  Next time we are going to do it with puff pastry instead of the phyllo just to see what that is like.  I’m also thinking of adding tiny bits of brocolli.  I didn’t use celery as we don’t like it but I stuck to the recipe.

If you made it, what did you think?  These Martha Monday girls also made it, check out what they thought.

Brette, Martha & Me

Lyndsey, The Tiny Skillet

~ Pru

6 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie

  1. Pru, I finally got my post up! Frustrating I didn’t get a chance to post sooner, I did make it on Monday (I had book club last night).

    I love the looks of yours! We really liked it at our house too. I even enjoyed it for lunch, and it made everyone ask mmm that smells good what do you have there?

    • Yippee!! I’m so pleased that you liked it Lyndsey. I was concerned as Brette wasn’t too keen. I am going to make this again – I got the Living magazine yesterday and it is full of pot pies. Can’t wait to cook the french bread this weekend. It sounds great.

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