Greek Chicken Cutlets

It’s been refreshing to take a couple of weeks off from blogging. I celebrated the great news with dinner at Jamie’s Italian with mum and yummy cocktails and great food.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and am enjoying a slower pace at the moment. I had been running myself into the ground and as much as I love this blog at times I find it rather stressful.

The last two weeks have involved some of this:

Walking to work and taking the time to admire the view atop Richmond Hill.

Spending more time with my family and taking very big walks in the park with Violet.

And sorting out lots and lots of tomatoes. The freezer is beginning to get rather full with tomato sauce and frozen berries, apples and beans.

Ana is great at picking Martha Mondays projects which are healthy, tasty and a lot of the time have a Greek influence. I don’t ever turn to the Martha books or magazines for salads. I’m more keen on the puddings or brunch ideas but that’s beginning to change. See for the second time in as many months the Martha Mondays project has been salad. Remember the bread salad? It’s still talked about in our house and this salad is going into the Singer family recipe store too! It’s wonderful.

Now I did take a photo but I lost it when I was mucking around with the filters.

This was lovely and easy and healthy too. We used chicken breast as I didn’t know what cutlets were.

A great recipe. Thanks Ana for a great pick.

~ Pru


1 thought on “Greek Chicken Cutlets

  1. Hello, Pru. Chicken cutlet is just another word for chicken breast. I think the difference is that you flaten the breasts a bit and then they are called cutlets. I am glad you liked this pick. I made mine but I didn’t post it because my pictures are awful. We were in a hurry to eat. I still may post it, who knows. I have followed your news about the health crisis you had. I am so very sorry that I never left a comment. So glad that everything is as it should be. Take care of yourself my dear. We have an expresion that says “There’s nothing like having good health,” and that is so very true. I realize how true that is every time I have a scare and I wait for test results. You were very brave about the way you documented everything on the Internet. I Send you my best wishes and love.

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